Home Office Decor & Inspiration

I’ve been settling in to my new home in Atlanta. Spending time grounding myself and putting down some roots, after my adventure overseas in November.

It’s been so nice to relax in one place for awhile and focus on my work, which if you saw in my last post, has resulted in me getting my first ever merit-based raise!

I really have been able to get into flow so easily these days and sit down to produce amazing solar training content.

Perhaps part of my success has to do with my new surroundings!

I’ve been having so much fun exploring my interior design side by putting together my new at-home office space!

I definitely spoiled myself a bit with this one! But hey, I got a raise so I deserve it, right? Let’s go with that.

If you like what you see and want to spoil yourself too by sprucing up your own space, I’ll share where I got some of the items below. Hopefully it’ll help spark some inspiration in your own endeavors!

I promise that I have no affiliations with any of these companies / products. This is just me personally sharing items I love for my new space, hoping to inspire others along the way.

Items Purchased for my New At-Home Office Space


I am SO happy I found this desk! It’s exactly what I envisioned for this space. I wanted an L-shape to have more desk space, and this one is exactly right without looking overwhelmingly large.

I also love the professional chic look, which didn’t compromise on the storage space.. And the price?! I couldn’t find anything close to this value!


This chair stole my heart with the rose gold details. I searched endlessly for similar looks and nothing compared to this beauty!

The price was reasonable and the look is just beautiful. I will honestly say, I spend many hours a day in this chair, and it’s even quite comfy on top of the designer look!

Adding Pops of Color & a Boho Chic Vibe

Area Rug

I looked for an area rug for a long time that felt just right for this space. I love lighter colored rugs, but my office area is right off the kitchen so I didn’t want anything where stains would be noticable.

I love the boho chic vibe that this rug adds to the space. I tend to overwhelm spaces with my love of pink, so I wanted to add some blue tones as well to brighten it up.


These curtains are simple and beautiful. I love sheer curtains because they allow a lot of natural light to get through. I was noticing the light shining in my eyes a bit too much when I was on video calls, so these were also a necessity.

And of course I had to to go with pink! It is my favorite color after all. These were also an easy snag I got on a trip to Target.

Little Details

Fake Succulents

Who doesn’t love some little fake plants to liven up their space? I especially love these because I can’t kill them…. unlike the real ones I purchased from Costco and fret over constantly.

Rose Gold Trash Can

I needed a new little trash can and I wanted another rose gold accent to go with my new chair. It’s actually really hard to match rose golds, but this one matched just right!

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoy these items as much as me!

If you want to know more about other items not mentioned, or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

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