Thoughts on Intuition & Course Correcting

Imagine you’re sailing a ship and you see a huge storm on the horizon.

Are you going to sail right into that storm?

Or would you change course, sailing towards a safer direction?

What if you had an internal compass, always trying to guide you in a safer direction?

I have that.

I call it intuition.

Intuition is our secret weapon that lives inside of us, always available and ready to be called on for wisdom.

How often do you listen?

We can’t control everything that life throws our way, but we can certainly learn to navigate the chaos.

One of my favorite quotes that has stayed with me over time is “You are the captain of your ship”.

I think sometimes we forget this fact.

So I’m here to remind us all, including myself…

Life is not happening to you.

It’s just happening.

We all have the free will & autonomy to make our own decisions.

Yet I often find myself & others falling into the false narrative that things are simply out of our control.

Truth be told, there is a lot more in our control than we think.

We can’t control the storms life throws our way…

But we can certainly learn how to spot a storm coming.

And we can make the conscious decision to move in a different direction.

I believe our intuition is our greatest strength.

And when we nurture the relationship with our inner knowing, we get even better at sensing troubles ahead.

The tricky part, is knowing when to listen, and when to act.

I encourage all of my readers to practice listening to their intuition a little stronger in the coming days.

What is it telling you?

Where is it trying to guide you?

Is it trying to protect you?

Should you listen?

Can you trust it?

I’ve been nurturing my relationship with my intuition and it has helped me in ways I can’t fully describe.

Over time, I’ve gotten better at listening and recognizing the signals my intuition tries to send me.

It has become much more clear when I am on the right path, as my intuition offers assurance through the path of least resistance.

On the contrary, when things are unreasonably difficult and unfulfilling, I can now sense my intuition telling me that this may not be the best option for me.

It’s almost as if my intuition encourages me to look elsewhere by making my current environment uncomfortable.

I am still learning how to cultivate the skill of listening to my inner knowing.

My practice involves meditating to drown out the distractions.

And then listening.

Once you listen, you must honor what your intuition is telling you and move accordingly.

If you practice this, you may find that like me, my intuition rarely leads me astray.

Instead, I find myself on a journey where I feel protected & prepared for life’s challenges, with my secret weapon that’s been inside of me all along.

You just have to listen.

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