When Suddenly You’re Living the Dream

I earned my first merit based raise this week at age 26. 

I’m still processing how in a few short years, I’ve worked my way to where I’m at in life… 

5 years ago I was in college, with little money & big dreams. 

And now I’m out here, making those dreams come true.

I’ve lived in multiple cities, including living by the beach. 

I’ve lived overseas, on an island in Brazil, for a month. 

I’ve traveled to over 6 countries… I drive a new car… I can gratefully afford to do what I want within reason…

It’s really hitting me how I’ve manifested everything I’ve wanted. 

I’ve worked hard to put all of the pieces of my life into place, and I’m really just… basking in the fruits of my labor. 

Taking it all in. Feeling thankful & grateful & proud of myself.

I hope this doesn’t come off wrong.. but the truth is that my life has been extremely challenging and nothing was handed to me. 

In fact, obstacles have been thrown at me, ever since I was born. I’ve overcome obstacle, after obstacle… so I’m proud of myself.

Proud of myself for never giving up on my dreams & never giving up faith in myself.

Proud of everything I have overcome to get to where I’m at today. 

Proud of every time I didn’t quit.

Proud of myself for walking away from things & people who took me off my path and instead mindfully focusing on where I wanted to go & figuring out who’s really supporting me. 

Proud of myself for getting here ♡ ॐ

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