Personal Words on Kindness, Compassion, & Speaking Your Truth

Hello fellow humans. My life has been somewhat of a whirlwind lately. Good news is, I’m keeping up just fine. For a long time now, I have committed myself to being mindful in all of my interactions. I somewhat stand by a personal goal of always trying to leave a situation, place, person, conversation, etc., better off than it was when I found it.

Through my experiences of offering mindful kindness & compassion, I’ve noticed how people are more willing to be open and vulnerable with me. Have you ever felt like you’re the person everyone seemingly ends up pouring their heart out to? I’ve experienced that “Wow, I’ve never shared that before” revelation many times, from many people. Through this pattern, I’ve also noticed how very important it is for people to speak those very truths aloud. Typically, those boxed up inner thoughts, are in desperate need of air. They need to be released, to allow that person to breathe easier again. I know this from my own experience with this. And the best way to create an environment for someone to be open and vulnerable with you, is to first be open and vulnerable yourself. The true reason people share with me so easily, is likely because I am an over-sharer. I’ve taken a personal vow to speak my truth, leading with my heart. It’s not easy, but it’s undeniably worth it every time.

My boyfriend has called me a ‘conduit’, saying my energy fills up a room and draws people to me. I’m not sure I entirely agree with his slightly biased concept, but I do enjoy this idea of being a conduit for inner truth. If I can share my stories, my pain, my lessons, my passions, and spark a light in someone else, I’m fulfilling my purpose. I love helping people see the beauty in themselves. I love seeing someone’s eyes light up with passion when they’re talking about what they love. I love offering empathy when someone has been through challenges. Sharing these stories builds your compassion and creates this cycle of kindness and empathy. I’ve never been a fan of the surface level, I’ve always wanted to know why people are the way they are. I’m fascinated by the human experience and the depth of human emotion. I’ve studied Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Philosophy at the college level to deepen my understanding.

I’m still learning. What I know so far, is that a little kindness, compassion, and openness can go a very long way in the form of a beautiful butterfly effect. We all want to feel loved, accepted, and heard. I’ve learned that when these simply complex emotions are felt consistently, anyone can reach a higher potential. I’ve also learned that everyone is going through something that they aren’t showing. Maybe they’re even hiding it from themselves. No matter what the situation is, offering some kindness & compassion is seldom a bad thing. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other.


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