New Year Introspections & Reflections

It’s really sinking in that life is going to be busy busy busy this year with everything I’ve worked so hard to put into motion. I’m starting grad school tomorrow, moving to Atlanta, my career is on the rise, and I’m learning how to incorporate world travel in my life.

I’ve taken some time to slow down and reflect before the current speeds up again. Reflecting on everything I’ve accomplished so far and everything I’ve overcome to get to where I’m at. There have been so many challenges throughout my life. Challenges that most people don’t even know about me. There have been times where I wasn’t sure which direction I was going anymore and there have been times I’ve gotten lost. But I’m realizing more and more as life goes on that it’s exactly these challenges and these times of uncertainty that have helped shape me into the determined, self-assured, mindful person that I am.

I’m realizing just how grateful I am for everything I’ve gone through that has gotten me to exactly where I am. Things I once thought would forever burden me have actually given me all the tools to grow, and grow in ways I couldn’t have imagined for myself. I’ve had a serious mindset shift.

Not too long ago I was in a mindset where obstacles would crush my spirit and I would fall into modes of self pity, woe is me, why is my life so hard. Why am I not good enough. Why can’t I catch a break. On and on. It’s so unproductive. I now make a conscious mindful effort to watch my self talk, my actions, my reactions and now I’m committed to staying out of this fixed mindset. Shifting into the growth mindset takes the same situation and changes the outcome by changing your reaction to the situation. These realizations have changed the way I’ve been leading my life.

There will always be challenges in life. Some you may seek out and some may be placed in your life path completely outside of your control. What is entirely in your control and therefore most important is how you react in the face of challenge and how you let that struggle shape you.

I’ve learned so much about myself through my life challenges. I’ve gained knowledge & experience that has made me committed to growth & given me faith that I can overcome anything that gets in the way of what I set my mind to. I have this grit because of the circumstances I’ve gone through where I’ve been faced with the choice of either giving up, giving in, and staying complacent… or rising above and becoming stronger. So I say cheers to the challenges and for the growth they offer us, if we choose to face them.

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