Slow Down & Breathe

It’s been a long year so far.
Full of hopes,
& dancing like no one is watching.

This year brought on the realization
that transformation
is the ultimate inevitable truth.

I’ve spent my whole life
constantly changing,
learning to flow,
with an invisible vibration.

I’ve battled resistance
from ghosts of the past
trying to pull me
back to where I came from.

So I ran around the world
pushing forward
past the pain
looking for a new place to call home.

I felt my spirit
strong & kind
among the wildest of places.

Through conversations
with strangers,
in foreign lands

I had to let go of
they thought I was,
but I knew,
I am not.

To become
Who I am.

I’ve learned that not everyone
deserves a second chance.
The best people,
will never demand one of you.
Those are the ones
we hold closest to our hearts.

So far this year,
I’ve let go of many things.
I let go of many people,
who had already let go of me.

I learned it’s not only okay
to let go,
it is also necessary
to move on.

I’m learning that it’s not my job
to save everyone.

I’ve searched for light
& truth
& found that the spark
was always inside of me
& always mine to keep.

I learned how to save myself.
Now I know
without a shadow of a doubt
that I will always save myself
& over
& over again.

As many times as is needed.

I will keep learning
& reaching
& teaching
until inner freedom
& peace of mind
are as easy as breathing.

The most important lesson of all
that I’ve learned
is that
I am worthy.

I contain the hopes and dreams
of the entire Universe.

I am the keeper of the flame.

I pass along light & truth.

I shine a light for others
on their way back home to themselves.

I am worthy & I have always been worthy
of all the good things
this life has to offer.

I am worthy of an abundance
of love,
& compassion.


I’ll spend my days ceaselessly searching
for the signs & souls who align with my truth.

I will always have hope.

I will always believe in another moment
of pure wonder
& spontaneous delight
making its way to me,
with every
on it’s own time.

The biggest surprise of this year,
the lesson that takes the longest
to trust
is learning that a home…
can sometimes
have two legs
and a heartbeat.

So, I’ve made the best home
in the arms of my best friend.

I’ve nestled in his unforeseen shelter
protecting me from my own storms
of worry & self doubt.

I’m still learning
that just because
we can
face everything alone…
doesn’t mean
we have to
or that we even should.

We fortify our island,
using the love we share
as the building blocks
the foundation
of what’s to come.

I want to grow love with the people who are walking homes.
Share stories,
growing wiser
& kinder.

Learning the triumphs & pitfalls of our ancestors
So we may avoid the traps that took them off their paths,

I want to offer our children a safe space to explore
and wander
as we have.

To slow down.

Be a child,

& breathe.

With a well lit realm
so they too,
may find their way.

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