Your Wildest Dreams

Let’s talk about
the places
you never quite
a space in.

That ever misunderstood…
in which you cage
your wildest
of dreams.

Some gently
slip in
& captivate you…
in your unchecked
dazed daydreams.

When the whole world
seems to silence
in silence
they whisper.

And they swell your heart
with hope & possibilities.

But then they
& softly
through tasks
& actions…

We’ve been programmed
& conditioned
to believe
are necessary.

What if instead
you shifted your focus
to what you can achieve.

What if you set an intention
in the direction
Of your wildest dreams?

Could you believe?

If you spend your life
your collective
in a seemingly set
instruction of
“the way it should be”

Don’t you see?

You’ve cast away
the hopes & plans
that await you.

Should you,
choose your destiny.

The energy it takes to
& break societal chains
that keep you so low
is tiring.

I know.

But what’s more
is to stay in the dark.

When the light
calls your name.

When you know
you’re not the same.

Fear is like a lock
that holds you in place.

And you’re always chasing freedom,
always watching that race.

But when you hear the clicking tock
of the ticking clock.


Feel the light upon your face.

Embrace grace.

Step into the unknown realm
where there’s nothing
to chase.

Dream a dream
of infinite possibilities.

Pull the seams

& find

a place beyond space.

You’ll find freedom lingers
at the edge of your fear.

Always beckoning you
to explore
And make your dreams
more clear.

Because beyond fear,
beyond doubt,
we are the dreamers.

We are the weavers,
We build our world
as we are.

I dare you to dream bigger,
think farther,
grow stronger,
& never lose hope.

Because I’ve tasted
my dreams
I know
that this life
is not always
as it seems.

Beyond these drafted
societal expectations.
When we take away
all of our beloved fixations…

When we release

our haunted ego.




We breathe in dreams like air.
We find a place with no more fear.

Where it feels like home.

Come find me there.

In your wildest dreams.

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