How Long Must Women Wait For Liberty?

Now I don’t care how these “pro-lifers 🙄” twist it – overturning Roe vs Wade would be overturning a decision to PROTECT women in America & also a FLAGRANT disregard to the separation of church and state 🤬🤦🏼‍♀️

They’re really not even pretending it’s about anything other than religious beliefs at this point? Right? 🧐🤨😑

Can we talk about that?

Did I miss when America became enforced Christianity? 🤔

Or… are we… finally admitting that sexism in America is NOT just all better, all of a sudden 🫣

We still have a lot of work to do.

The fight is not over & to the men reading this post: please help protect our women. We need to move to protect our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, etc. 💞

The sooner we accept this is a war on women (aka governmental religious control through mandatory reproduction laws-think handmaids tale) the sooner we can actually take down the evil forces at play. 😫😤😠

Rant over. Question everything—and choose love.

Namaste 🤍🕊

Image is not mine, sourced from Pinterest.

One thought on “How Long Must Women Wait For Liberty?

  1. Good use of a post ❤

    So much yes though!! I was so sick when I got pregnant with Rory that I was essentially on bed rest from the 3-month mark. She had to come out via emergency C-section & the surgery had so many complications that my husband and I said our last goodbyes before they were able to get her out..

    Living with "womanhood" has never been easy or even very manageable for me. I'm trying to figure out a workable hormonal balance, I'm not on birth control at the moment in that effort. I'm also married and therefore sexually active. I went off birth control instead of just getting a full hysterectomy because there are other options I'd like to explore first. I don't want any more kids, but I also can't swing surgery to sterilize me right now because I'd have to give uplifting my 3-year-old for at least 3 months. I want to be a good mother to the child I have.
    I feel betrayed that we're even facing this kind of insecurity in a post roe vs. wade time period.
    I thought I had time to figure myself out.
    I don't want to have to get an abortion.. but surgery isn't an option right now, and birth control is holding me back from fully actualizing my health.

    Accidents happen.. To force me to have another child quite literally feels like a death sentence. I understand every pregnancy is different and a gift and it's my responsibility to manage my fertility, however, I agree that it is starting to feel pretty clearly not about that hypothetical child's life and actually about creating structures that are designed to suffocate my personal agency.

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