Words from the World of my Younger Self

Lately I’ve been looking at old journal entries from my younger self.
I often find myself amazed at the wisdom my own previous version held.
I look at the dates of some of these writings, and feel a strong nameless combination of emotions, for both my past and present self.
As I develop the confidence to share my inner truth…
I want to release these words from the confines of their pages.
Allowing them to reach whomever may need to hear them.
Now, or in the future.
Whether that be: Friends, Family, Strangers, or Myself.

When I shared my last post on Facebook, I made a joke about feeling like I was ‘sharing my diary’.
Somehow that has led me to this post, where I am in actuality, doing exactly that.
But these words feel sacred to me.
So I want them to live here, in this digital space I’ve created.

Cheers to vulnerability and exploring my younger inner world through words.

Written on January 15th, 2018 at 2:22pm:

Remain humble, but remain curious, and continue to cultivate knowledge.
You are responsible for your own joy, your own life.
Take responsibility and do what makes you happy.
Start creating the life you want, build your reality.
Imagine what you want the world, your world, to be like.
And then manifest those dreams into your reality.

I am on a path of understanding the unity between Mind, Body, Spirit, & Earth.
I’m understanding we can never fail.
There is no failure when everything is already inside of us, because we are everything.
It is impossible not to accomplish something we want, unless we talk ourselves out of it.
Conversely, the only way to accomplish anything, is to first believe that it is possible, and that we are capable.

Meditation has no hierarchy to it.
We are the Masters within, even if we don’t know it yet.
Mastering Meditation brings a sudden immersion into the present, and a shattering of identities.
It is paradoxical.

I pursued Yoga & Meditation for material reasons such as health and physical appearance.
What goes beyond that, is the spiritual benefits.
The experience of non-duality, where there is no separation.
We are living out the separation, we live in a world of duality.
This is seen through even desiring a feeling of ‘oneness’ with the universe.
Oneness implies duality, it implies separation.

Meditation reminds us that we are all connected, we are part of all-ness.
We are part of all there is.
We are one part of this all-ness, playing out one part, one role, of human consciousness…
To experience this oneness internally.

We are the universe.
Experiencing itself.
Through itself.

Fear only exists because we are resistant to the Unknown.
Intuition exists because we are receptive to the Unknown.

I want to cultivate my craft and do so with humility and humbleness above all.
Exploring the paradox of Nothingness and Something-ness.

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